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Brevity Saves Time

In a Forbes article, “The Beauty of Brevity – Conciseness Saves Companies Cash,” Victor Lipman stated: “The beauty of brevity is that time saved in one place is time – and labor – that can be deployed productively elsewhere.”  


How would you like to recover time? Meetings? Emails? Calls? All of the above? Lipman cites a 2012 study by Epson that estimated that each office worker wastes 49 minutes weekly in meetings, equating to a loss of
$US 40 billion. If you can’t avoid scheduling a meeting, can you run it in ½ the time, or less? You can, but only if you learn techniques for brief, effective meetings.


Would you like to save 25 minutes or more a day from reading emails? Even more when you add in the time responding? A person who gets 100 daily, can save this much, if each email takes just 15 seconds less to read – a very conservative savings. Multiply these savings by the number of employees who are heavy email users. Learning how to write concise emails is a good investment. Make it.

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