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Equalize Method - Manula - Partial Page.


Experience the numerous benefits that digital manuals - also called knowledge bases - offer beyond traditional manuals (yes, we do those too)! See a sample from one of your manuals in digital format. You'll never want to go back! Accessible anywhere, it will look and perform great on any device.


Users love embedded videos that complement or replace typical text, and quickly finding answers with keyword searches. You experience efficient re-use of content and insight into what topics your users need most.

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Whether you want SOPs or WIs done in Microsoft Word, or done with innovative digital solutions like Poka, Acadia, eFlex JEM, Process Street, Process Kit, or SwipeGuide, Brevity at Work can help your manufacturing or service business document your processes efficiently!

Portfolio - Software Manual - Large.png


We've mapped processes for software lifecycle management and SAP, written user guides and train-the-trainer workshops, and recorded screencast tutorials. 


A hospital network's IT department that was migrating to a new suite for project planning, customer service, and network monitoring benefited from our program planning and change management documentation.

LOTO - Portfolio Page.png


A brewery needed over 100 Packaging area lockout-tagout documents updated to better protect their workers.


Based on over 21 years experience creating LOTO documentation and training, we designed a new format that is highly visual, removing ambiguity about when equipment must be locked to protect workers from harmful energy.

Concise Procedures - Portfolio.png


Since 1999, the owner of Brevity at Work has written hundreds of Process Picture Maps* for over 40 clients, taught technical writers the art of taking value-adding photographs and of writing concisely, and given editorial reviews of other writers' work. He has also created custom SOP templates and job aids for many applications.

* Proprietary to Desertfire Online



In 2017, after editing several battery charger manuals for HindlePower Inc., we took on the role of getting a book published from a rough manuscript.


We edited the text, directed the design of visuals, and managed the project to completion. The book is available directly through the company, through the publisher, or on Amazon.

Training Program Review - Portfolio.png


Employing advanced techniques, we design PowerPoints that do more than your average PowerPoint can do. 

Want employees to take a self-guided tour of their machine or work area, and check their learning? We can do that, and more. We also helped a hospital network's large IT department to learn about and transition to a new suite for supporting both internal and external customers.

Statistical Validation Course.png


We have designed Instructor-Led Training courses (ILT) ranging from 1 hour to 4 days for machine operators, procedure writers, and engineers.


In addition to PowerPoint slides, courses may include one or more of these additional components: a facilitator guide, a train-the-trainer guide, a participant notebook, a learning unit containing practice exercises and an assessment, process maps, and quick guides.

Portfolio - Learning Outcomes.png


Simple analogies help people understand complex processing techniques. This Learning Outcome, designed as part of a Learning Unit using Desertfire Online's GoalOriented Learning approach, helped new operators of the Balloon Blowing station at a medical device manufacturer to begin to understand process stages and processing parameters that were investigated further through hands-on exercises.

Email Template Design 2 - Portfolio.png


Noticing that many professionals do not write concise emails, Brevity at Work designed a 1-hour workshop to teach key principles, and a set of over 70 templates that work with Outlook, covering the most common business applications. Ever had someone forward you an email but you couldn't understand why? With concise templates like this one, that won't happen again!

Brevity at Work Call to Action


Relying on the branding expertise of Sayre Design, and the clean composition talents of J Taylor Design, Brevity at Work has designed and written the copy for its own website and brochure. 

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