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Why your customers want YOU to convert

An indicator light appears on your dashboard. What does it mean? Must you do anything about it? Are you willing to dig your manual out and look in the index to find out? Or would you rather just Google it?

If you make physical products, whether medical devices, snow blowers, or digital cameras, wouldn't your users be delighted to find the answers they need on their tablets or phones - in an instant?

Software companies have offered help systems to enable users to quickly locate product information for years. Why should it be any different for hardware makers? Why not convert your static print or PDF format manuals into a responsive online format that your customers can read on the devices that they always carry with them?

Another benefit: These manuals can include video to show your users what to do. More than ever, people prefer watching short video clips to reading text. So give your customers what they want. Happy customers make repeat customers.

Brevity at Work is currently assisting manufacturers of battery chargers and driving simulators to make the conversion. We would be glad to show you, using sample pages from your manual, how a digital manual, or knowledge base, can improve both your users' experience and your customer service. We’ll make converting easy for you. Contact us today.


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