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You provide the client with the highest quality product and go out of your way to accommodate are regarded … by clients as a person of high integrity and honesty. 

Susan Lynn, Former General Manager, Talsico LLC

His personality enables him to work with people positively and establish a good relationship. The operators felt comfortable to be interviewed by him and the SMEs were able to collaborate with him on ideas. When conflicts (were) raised… we were able to reach a solution to satisfy both ends. Lastly, we had a pre-determined timeline and Terry was able to conform with the timeline… When there was a need to prioritize a particular work item, he was easy to get hold of and help to shuffle the work around in order to meet our needs.

Angela Chen, Project Manager, Abbott Vascular

I had the pleasure of working with Terry for nearly 6 months as he supported Sam Adam's initiative to enhance documentation and training programs. During this time, I was repeatedly impressed by his ability to lead these projects … producing high-quality results of the original vision. (He) was dependable, professional, and productive ... I strongly recommend for any technical writing or training capacity. 

Ryan Mintzer, former Assistant Packaging Manager – Samuel Adams Brewery

Terry was a dedicated and creative member of our TPM team. His focus was around creating documentation for LOTO and Autonomous Operator that was in a format which was easy for the end user to follow and decreased the likelihood for human errors to occur. He challenged the team to standardize early in the project, which resulted in less rework and overall cost savings. The document format he helped us create was on a world class level.

Justin Bergey, Packaging Reliability Manager – Samuel Adams Brewery

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