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3 Ways Brevity Helps Your Business Perform Better

Brevity Saves Time

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In a Forbes article “The Beauty of Brevity – Conciseness Saves Companies Cash”, Victor Lipman stated: “The beauty of brevity is that time saved in one place is time – and labor – that can be deployed productively elsewhere.” How would you like to recover time? Meetings? Emails? Calls? All of the above?

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Journalists know – “ Don’t bury the headline”. They practice the “BLUF” technique – bottom line up front. If you put the main point up front in your communication, it will be seen and heard. And be more likely to be acted upon. Want a good example?

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You reduce the chance of human error occurring if you clearly communicate all necessary information for correct task performance – but do it as briefly as possible.


When information is wordy and poorly organized people make errors because they may never see or hear the information they need*. Many businesses struggle to find this balance, as evidenced by how common it is to find standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are 10, 20, even 50 pages long!

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