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Terry Guire
Founder & Director

An engineer who designed electronic security windows & tested new fluorescent lamp designs, who has focused on concise technical writing & training in 8 industries during the last 20 years,

From my brief career summary above you can see that I've gone through several transitions:

  1. Teaching physics using visual impact & practical hands-on experiences. Proud to have inspired a pre-med student to study biomedical physics!

  2. Answering an intriguing ad seeking "Engineers or Psychologists". Led me to work 13 years for Talsico, a pioneer in applying the science of human error reduction to manufacturing. That's where I developed a skill for brevity - a skill that can help prevent human error.

“Cut your words in half”, my reviewer told me, after reading the first learning module I wrote for Colgate-Palmolive injection molding operators. When I proudly returned a slimmed-down version, he urged, “Good, cut them in half again”.


You can say the same thing with up to 80% fewer words - but with greater impact!  I've been practicing & teaching this for 20 years with both written and spoken communication. That's why Brevity at Work LLC can help you.


Learn how brevity helps your business perform better with fewer errors. Click here.

Discover ways that Brevity at Work LLC can help your business. Click here.

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