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Technical Writing

  • Process- & equipment- specific SOPs, standard work instructions & job aids.

  • Lockout/Tagout training materials & machine-specific procedures.

  • Software user guides & training courses; classroom training delivery.

  • Distributor for Desertfire Online's Process Picture Map Software for creating effective procedures - as either traditional documents or with structured sequences of videos & images that show exactly how to perform a task.

  • Customizing materials to the job: operation, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, cleaning, inspection & testing.

  • Capturing & transferring best practices, while building commitment to cultural beliefs & understanding of how job impacts entire operation.

  • Introducing new equipment, processes, & initiatives.

  • Building organizational capability in procedure-writing, industrial photography, creation of OJT materials, & brevity in email communication.  

  • Teaching the practical application of the science of human error, enabling organizations to diagnose root causes & integrate preventive measures.

  • Addressing the causes of issues such as high scrap and excessive downtime with targeted training content.

  • Strengthening troubleshooting capability. Operators & technicians solve problems faster & prevent them in the future.

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